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Thread: Salcha/Chena News

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    Question Salcha/Chena News

    Anybody try the Salcha or Chena rivers these last few days? I know its been high and a bit cloudy/muddy, but ya can't catch them if ya ain't tryin. Really curious as to the Chums; they are so fun to catch and the counts were up just before yesterdays drenching. Even with slight water discoloration, Chums can be agressive and hit anything flashy (spinners/S+G) or bright flies/ESL. They can also tear through your mono if they are deep in the spawn (lotsa gnarly teeth). When Chums are thick, I'll usually put on a 20lb wire leader...saves a bunch of lures!! One thing is for sure, they are great fighters, and a blast to target. Anyways, just curious to see if anyone has hit these rivers lately...any news at all.


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    Heard on the radio Salcha was not just high but flooding over its banks. Hillbilly

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    I can't tell where the rivers begin and the road ends anymore with all this rain...


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