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Thread: Braided line wrapping around rod guides

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    Default Braided line wrapping around rod guides

    Does anyone experience this? I have trouble with the braided line wrapping around the 1-4 guide after casting or flipping. This only happens on my baitcaster. It happens often. One time it wrapped around the 3rd guide and I had a fish on. Broke the rod. It is a pain to have to bring the rod in to untangle the tip. Any suggestions.

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    Default Me too

    Just seems to do it on the very end guide (tip), never the others. Braid is so limp, it just tends to be more unmanageable. Just have to keep an eye on your guides. When I flip, I have the slack line in my off hand so I can tell right away if the line is not moving smoothly through the guides.

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    Try retrieving with the rod tip down, then any slack line generally slides over the guide(s). I agree with FishnMan in that it usually happens only with the guide on the rod tip, but I was able to solve my problem when a guide friend told me to retrieve and take out any slack with the rod tip down, not up as I had been doing. This obviously wouldn't work for bottom fishing, and I'd then again agree with FishnMan. Good luck.


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