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Thread: Cape Chacon Delivered

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    Default Cape Chacon Delivered

    Just returned from a 4 day trip to out to Chacon last week and the fishing was great. Great Salmon fishing, too bad about the King size limit restrictions they were bright and put up a great fight on light tackle (about a 25lb avg. I would say). Decent Silver catch but spotty, pinks everywhere, and Halibut was exceptional ecxept for trying to get to the bottom with the tide.

    Spent most of the time West of Nichols, a little bit of time East toward the rock slide with most production being West.

    Silvers were hanging between 30 and 50 ft and being non-discriminating, hitting everything from spoons to cut plug. A lot of whale activity in close so the bait was getting hammered pretty good.

    I saw it was blowin like nobody's business the other day, we had sunny and fairly calm how lucky was that!
    Pics are on other computer will put some up soon!
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    Default pics ?????

    Where are the pics

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    If the weather lets you in it's a great place to be.

    Good job.


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