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Thread: Final days of the season

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    Default Final days of the season

    I'm thinking about going back to the Kenai south beach for the last few days of the season (it closes 7/31, right?), but haven't heard any dipping reports from the past few days, nor whether F&G might close it.

    I don't want to spend gas I don't have - tonight I paid an even hundred to fill up my stock Toyota truck...

    Does anyone know current on the beach activity or F&G news?

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    From thurs it was slow.. 1 red 1 king in 2 hours; Ive heard mixed reports of fishing getting better with people taking their limits over the past few days however... try typing alaska outdoor journal into google, great report site that features tons of reports from anglers.

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    Default Just got back

    Weather was very poor on Sat. but was really nice today.

    Didn't have much luck on Sat.

    Sunday, we fished the south beach flats on the outgoing afternoon tide and did great. Didn't think about putting a stringer on our waist until about 8-9 walks back to the beach. After that we were going through them much faster.

    This morning (monday) was pretty slow. My 11 year old went down to the beach as we were breaking camp and got 5 pinks in about 20 minutes.

    More and more pinks were filling the net instead of reds.

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    Default Mon/Tue

    Spent Mon/Tue at the mouth and from the boat and took 35; mostly reds. Slow but Tue the weather was nice.

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    Default Wed and Thursday - the final days at Kenai

    Had to work for them, but they were there. Larger fish than a week before. Got a few 26-29 inch reds (I didn't have my scale) and one huge 32" long one - wow - bringing him in I wondered if I had a small king.

    The downside was 30% of the catch were pinks, and I broke my net but-good 5 hours before the end of the season Thursday night, but it was still way better than even a great day at work!

    My chest freezer is not real big, but it is now completely full of fillets and 4 different recipes of smoked salmon that came out great!

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    Still open on the Kasilof. For 5 more days at least.


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