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Thread: favorite egg pattern (for western Alaska)?

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    Default favorite egg pattern (for western Alaska)?

    So - what's your favorite egg pattern:

    I'm going out in a few weeks to the kanektok. Last time out that way, I seemed to do well with chenille in the lighter orange and pink, perhaps better with crystal chenille, and in the smaller sizes (like 4 mm).

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    Default not an egg, but...

    On the Goodnews this past Aug-Sept, we caught some dollies/bows on 6 mm bead eggs in mottled pink. A washed out shade with some spots of white. Could be replicated in a paper bag with spray paint. We ordered our from Troutbeads. In the below link, look at the "shrimp" color. We caught some on those. I also see some "blood dot" variations on the website now. They look pretty cool. Below is a link.

    Not an egg, but a fly I have to suggest to you is the Chosen River Special. As you may know, the "Chosen River" was a name used by people referring to the Kanektok while trying to keep it a secret. This fly is supposed to be good on dollies, bows, and salmon. I ordered a dozen to feed the dollies on the Wulik in September. Got them from Hill's Discount Flies (great site). Below is a link.

    Below is a link to our pics from the Goodnews last year. When the below link is opened, click "slideshow" in the upper right.
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