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Thread: In Alaska August 1 - 11

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    Default In Alaska August 1 - 11

    I am heading up to Anchorage August 1-11 for some fishing. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for good spots for both reds and silvers (other than ship and bird creeks). I will be driving down to Homer August 6-8 so am interested in anything in Homer or on the way. I am just not sure about run timing (too late for russian reds?)


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    Default Run Timing

    Unfortunately everyone else is wondering about run timing this year. Presently the Russian is on the slower side of things, as is the Kenai, but that could change most any day. The Commerical sites were closed for a normal opener today due to low numbers of sockeye entering the Kenai. This same thing happeded two years ago and the first week of August was unbelievable when the fish finally showed up... There is not any indication, however that the fish are coming. So, nobody really knows.

    The Kasilof, on the other hand has been fishing very well, however the commerical terminal fishery has been imposed, so the nets will be in the mouth of the river, intercepting as many sockeye as possible to try to minimize overescapement.

    The silvers and pinks should be showing on the Kenai most any time, so during your trip to Homer, it may be worth a day on the Kenai.

    Good luck

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    Default kenai

    If heading down to Homer, read up on Deep Creek, Ninilchik River, and Anchor River. They are close together and you may find some great fishing at the mouths where they run into the ocean. There are some campgrounds there too. The question is if silvers are in yet. I have not fished there, but that area is on my "to do" list. Went through there in May. Just a weekend trip with the wife taking pictures mostly. We floated the Kasilof for kings, but got skunked. Too early in the run I guess. There is some great info in a book, "Flyfisher's Guide to Alaska" by Scott Haugen. There is a whole chapter on the Kenai. Best part of this book is the maps (100+) and the clear directions it gives. I would suggest you order this book if you plan on fishing in Alaska. It can be bought from the forum store in the fishing category. I ordered mine from Barnes and Noble's website. One of my favorite Alaska fishing books. Below is a link to some pictures I took on the Kenai in late May. One picture, of the house up on the cliff with the volacano in the background, is from Ninilchik, Clam Gulch, or similar area. That is near the rivers I mentioned above. Nice area. When the below link is opened, select "slideshow" in the upper right.
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