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Thread: Any Sitka reports ?

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    Default Any Sitka reports ?

    I am anxiously getting ready fo my Aug. 17 trip to Sitka and was wondering how the ocean fishing was progressing.
    Any reports or input are appreciated.

    Thank you,

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    Default Be Careful which fish processor you use

    Especially stay away from any processors with color in their name that also sell fish to the public.

    We got home with many more tail fillets than fish we caught. The processor then told us to F.O. four times.

    Stay with the smaller mom and pop shops that rely on word of mouth.

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    Hey Tom,
    you are all over the place aren't you??
    The halibut fishing has been pretty good. The King season was slow and maybe has passed?? You now have to catch one 48" to keep one--good if you get one. The silvers aren't there like normal yet...but who knows what will happen in 18 days.
    good luck and have fun.

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    I'm going to Sitka next year and can't wait. What fishing charter are you using?

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    King Fisher Charters.
    First class in every respect and they will take care of you from the time you get off of the plane.(my second time with them)
    A bit of advice: book early to get your preffered dates with the lodge and buy your plane tickets early to save a ton of money. We confirmed our dates and bought our tickets 10 months ago.
    Youll love it!



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