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    Default Drifting for Kings...

    Anybody have any reports on drift fishing for kings in the Kenai? That's the way I currently like to fish for them as backtrolling is still somewhat intimidating to me with all the boats in the lineup and the amount of attention required and trying to fish at the same time! I have the tackle for it but since we did catch 2 kings last year drifting, it's seems more feasible for me.
    Anyway, we concentrate on that area above Big Eddy where everybody drifts (kinda across from the island and RW's); that's also where we sometimes fish reds (steep cut banks).

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    Default I am not a drifter but play one on TV

    OK... not really. But I have been drifting this year and doing very good. The normal spots have been very productive; i.e. Eagle Rock and Slide Hole. The water is exceptionally clear, about 48" of vis and the temps have been hovering around 50... it cools a degree or two after a heavy rain.

    Both of the mentioned drifts are relatively snag free this year. There is one snag about 75-100 feet out from the bank on Slide hole just across from the upper tip of Eagle Island. So, stay relatively close to the bank. Otherwise, the have been very clean.

    Good luck

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    Default Thanks fishinguide...

    for the tips. If you don't mind my asking, what's your preferred setup (tackle) for Kings?
    Any fav colors for SNG's? Common weight for sinkers?
    Will probably get out there this week especially if reds are slow.
    Ed, ps; I visited with Rich & Marcia yesterday out at Kenai Landing; will tell them I talked to you.
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