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Thread: Most fun, most fish?

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    Am taking the family down tomorrow and am contemplating the south side of the kasiloff, we have dipped from kenai south side but it doesnt seem very kid friendly if weather is bad, What is it like on the kasiloff and is the south side best (yes we have 4wd). Also have a dog. I have also noticed that there are half as many fish coming into the kasiloff will that make it hard to fill the freezer? Thanks for any tips, I will check in tomorrow afternoon before leaving.

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    The South side of Kasilof is actually a very family friendly location. I usually go there myself. The people seem to be more friendly there than Kenai. As far as the fish counts. I believe the 36 hour commercial closure started Thursday PM. The boats were moored Friday morning when I was there. There wasn't a lot of "jumpers", but we caught a lot of fish that day. It should have just gotten better through the weekend. Go, you won't regret it.
    The only thing about the dog is beware of the idiots who think that their dogs are soooooo friendly. They let them run loose. I saw probably half a dozen dust ups among dogs last weekend. More than half involved one dog. The owner finally corralled him when I loudly told the last owner (not the attacking dogs owner) that I would gladly loan him my aluminum bonker to handle the dog and we would deter the owner from interfering. Not exactly the way I would have preferred it to be done, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

    Friday, it was pretty low on people and dogs. Turned out to be a good time.
    If you go to Kasilof and see a lady with a white PVC octagon shaped net, tell her Chappy said Hi.

    Ak Chappy


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