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Thread: Kasilof with two-wheel drive?

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    Default Kasilof with two-wheel drive?

    I'm taking my father who has lived in AK for 40 years, but never dipnetted, for his first go. I have a two wheel drive car. Is the Kasilof accessible with a car, or do I need a 4WD truck? I usually go to the Kenai, but thought I'd try the Kasilof as I've never been.

    Thanks for your help.

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    With a 2 wd car, I definitely wouldn't try accessing the Kasilof from the south side. Never been to the north side so I can't offer any advice there. If you want to dip the south side of the Kasilof, you could park at the access point and hike down the beach towards the river a ways. I don't think you have to go all the way to the river to get into the fish. Several hundred yards north of the access point may be good enough. But you'll want to minimize the amount of gear you take in and consider putting your fish on a stringer and not a cooler. Another option, give someone $10 to shuttle your gear from the access point down to the river.

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    Default North side of the Kasilof mouth

    You can access the north side of the Kasilof mouth with a 2WD car by driving down the beach access road and then parking before you actually get to the beach area. You will have to walk and carry your gear (and fish) about 100 yards to get to waterline. The beach sand is really soft and I don't even like driving my 4WD tahoe onto it, so I park a little ways away and carry my gear. Two of us can carry the cooler back, or just make several trips with six or eight fish at a time.


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    Default 2wd access

    i would sugest the north side of the river with 2wd vehicle u need to take the beach at low tide on the south side and places along that route are soft the dunes are suppose to be off limits to vehicles

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    Default South Side -- No!!

    I absolutely agree with shearej. I would not try to take a two wheel drive car to the mouth of the Kasilof.
    Last week, we saw two mini-vans and a two wheel drive truck stuck at the entrance. I pulled out the two wheel drive truck. I don't know who got the mini-vans out.
    I went back down this week. Friday morning, the trail would have been passable with a good, tall two wheel drive truck and a good driver who understands sand driving. There is room to park at the end of Coho Lp Rd and the people are friendly at Kasilof.
    I don't think it would be difficult to find someone to shuttle you down and back.
    Friday the fishing was good BTW, we put 85 fish in the cooler and threw back/lost another 20-30 fish. Twas a good day on the beach.

    Good Luck and have fun.

    AK Chappy

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    I have been taking the minivan to the north beach for years now. Just park and walk. You do not have to go to the mouth to catch fish. Simply walk onto the beach and to the water. You will be a couple hundred yards from the mouth, but don't worry about it. Fishing there is fine and I have pulled my limit out of that spot many times. Not too far to walk and the outhouses are close for when the kids have to go.

    This year someone put a set net rig right where I usually fish. There is no net on the rig, just ropes and a float. So work around it and have fun.


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