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Thread: Zodiac and Mercury inflatable's?

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    Default Zodiac and Mercury inflatable's?

    Anyone know the difference in the Hypalon material used between these two manufacturers? The Mercury HD models sure have good pricing on them compared to the Zodiac Futuras, and they seem well made.

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    I don't think either manufacturer uses Hypolon these days, do they? I used to have a Hypolon Zodiac back in the days of the communicating valves. It was a great boat. A friend still uses it regularly to this day. Zodiac switched to poly fabrics a long time ago. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

    Several years ago I bought a Quicksilver air floor 10 footer for an airplane boat. It's been great. Its whole life has been spent on top of a buddy's 28' Alumaweld Off Shore. One day I may even use it in my airplane. Its been a great boat. I'd buy another one if I found the same model for sale today.

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    Default INfo

    I've had Achilles since abt 1988 and love it. Tough. Ocean or the Copper..

    Call Jim Jim King 220 Center Court (907) 248-2900
    He makes boats and knows most all.

    and talk to Chris at;

    Alaska Raft and Kayak.
    401 West Tudor Road Anchorage, AK 99503
    1-800-606-5950 Local (907)561-RAFT

    These guys are always willing to help and they sell good products also.

    Good luck


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