We had a decent week, last week. The Silvers are showing up nicely. We have been getting close to limits on the trips we have been doing.

Sorry for all the pictures, but I just wanted to let some of your know that the Silvers are NOT non existent in the Mat-Su Valley, and the Little Susitna has been producing fish. The rain we have been having has made the river level high and muddy, but as you can see on the last picture dated July 25 2008, it didn't matter what water conditions there was, The fish are so thick that they are being caught, not as easily if it were lower levels and clearer waters, but if you work a little at it, they will come to you!

The fish are close to the lodge, but with this water level they will be up shortly to fish close to the Burma Landing. Don't tell anyone, but for those who have a boat, backtrolling kwikfish are working for fishing those silvers in the incoming tidewater. Study your tide books!
For those of you that are fishing from the bank at Burma, be patient, THEY ARE ON THEIR WAY!

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