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    My 2005 Grizzly 660 cuts out in the following situations:
    1. When the engine is hot (30 minutes of rough riding in and out of 4X) and 4X ing up hills. This is VERY spooky when almost verticle and the engine cuts out. I've never rolled it, but been very close.
    2. When it's hot and in differential lock- usually when I initially hit he gas.
    3. When I'm going through rather deep (just below seat) rivers or water- again rather scary when you look down river to see your fate.

    I know it's not bad gas. I have had the heat protection "upgrade" done, but don't know if it's enough. I suspect it has to do with boiling gas.
    Any ideas?

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    I bet it all stems from #3. Pull all the electrical conectors apart and die-electric grease them all. You might have water still in your conectors that will contribute to #1 and #2. That's where I'd start first.

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    There is tons of info on this subject in the forums as well as I have an 02 Griz and here is what's probably going on.

    1. If it is hot (80 degrees and sun) and working it hard and you are moving slowly (less than 5 mph) hot air gets trapped in around the engine. It will vapor lock. Pull of the plastic side covers to allow air circulation and ride that way. This has happened to me on long slow hill climbs in hot weather in the summer. I just remove the side panels before I ride.

    2. It may still be number one. Or, remember that diff lock has a limiter and if the tires are spinning to where it thinks it's going over 15mph I think it is, it will "cut out".

    3. I have had my griz in lots of deep water with no problems. However, you need to put dielectric grease in ALL electrical connectors on the whole quad. Including the diff servo and spark plug. Also, if you hit the water fast and it douses the engine it make tons of steam and will suck steam into the air box.
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    Check out Tons of great information on Yamaha Grizzly Quads.
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