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Thread: I just made my first Lox...

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    Default I just made my first Lox...

    MMMMMmmmmmMMMM & it turned out to be much simpleler than previously thouhgt...

    I had two King bellies lefter over after I made some sushi, & didn't want to eat it baked AGAIN, & so I decided last night to try to make some lox...I remember watching a video where the guy just pours salt all over the fillets, & sprinkled some fenel & dill, & pepper corns on the fillets, pressed them together & threw them in the fridge & so sans the fenel, dill & pepper corns, I poured salt all over the fillets, & placed them meat side facing & threw them in the firdge for @ 24 hrs. & it turned out pretty good! I let a neighbor try some, he said he hadn't had some since his dad made some & VIOLA~! LOX! He told me it tasted pretty good...(he was my food tester, unbeknownst to him, hehehe) & my son wanted a second slice of it as well...all that was missing was some fenel, dill, pepper corn, & bagel & cream cheese....mmmMMMMmmmMMmmmmmmm

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    NIce one!

    I tried this years ago but left my salmon in the salt for a few days and it was...


    imagine biting into a salt cube.

    Im sure only 24 hours is a better idea.

    I just might try it again.

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    Two fillets side by side (individually wrapped, the tighter the better) takes two days with a bit of weight maybe 20lb. You can speed it up a bit by increasing the weight. Smaller pieces are trial and error. Just remember to wash all the mix off after removing the weight because an extra day soaking will ruin it.


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