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Thread: Osagian Square Back 17' Canoe?,s

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    What are the 17' Osagain,s like in performance compared to a Grumman Sport Boat,Or
    Old Town 16' Square Back. Stability and performance with a 8 HP outboard.
    Have had lots of experience in the Sport Boat and am hopping it is as stable or more
    & more usefull load capacity.

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    Default Osagian Cargo Canoe

    I'm new here. Live in SW Missouri on James River. The Osagian plant is about 60 miles NE of of here in Lebanon, MO. I've been running a Osagian cargo canoe for 10 years and like it. Picked it up at the plant in 98. A lot better than the other two square stern canoes or jon boat I've had in the past. More stable than the narrow square sterns and it trailers easy. 104lbs as I remember. Haven't had it off a trailer since I bought it except of course when I'm using it. Run a 9.9 Evinrude on it in the spring when the water is up and this time of year (July) when the water is skinny I run a 4 Mariner. Both motors have a shallow water drive so haven't ever bothered to try to raise the transom or get a lift like I know you guys up there do. With the Mariner raised up on it's shallow water setting I can motor up a 9 or 10 inch shoal. The Evinrude raises up just as high but it's of course heavier and I can't make use of the extra speed anyway when the river's down. I've seen a few of the Grumman 19' square sterns around here in the past. Good looking boats, a little big for what I do with mine. I don't need to carry that much weight or go that long a distance like you guys do. Just catfish and smallmouth fishing here behind the house. I'd never go back to a narrow square stern or a jon boat. I've taken a GPS with me on the river. With the Mariner 4, I can get around 8mph and with the 9.9 Evinrude around 14mph upriver.


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