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Thread: Kenai Dip Report Thurs, July 24.

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    Default Kenai Dip Report Thurs, July 24.

    Very Very slow. Dipped for 2 hours from a boat with 2 poles and got 1 red and well what truly made the day bearable was my 34lb king ... Very slow but the king was awesome.

    I would no advise using fuel to go dipping at the moment... it has really died.

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    I agree. I was there Thursday morning dipping on the south side. Two fish in three hours. I went home after that.

    BTW, Wednesday evening 8-11 was a little better, but still pretty darn slow.

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    Oh we also had miserable weather.. rain and blowing winds. Which created 4-5 foot rollers in the river up by the processors... could not believe how bad the seas got; never had them that bad in open ocean yet


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