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    I wonder how many people are going to find themselfs in dire need of help this hunting season. It happens every year, weather, not enough gas, broken bones, getting lost, and the list goes on. There was even a guy a couple of years ago that was shooting at a big bull with a Tompson Contender and did'nt have it locked all the way and it just about killed the guy. Last year a guy walked away from his pickup point and they spent 5 days looking for him (choppers, planes, stopped all the rafters asking if they had seen signs of him). I wish the best for all of you out there, just make sure you take a little more time to think about crossing that river or creek, watch out for those big rocks in the river, know what you're shooting at, and keep a clean camp. Good luck all. E.S. ( they did find the guy and he was pretty rude to the rescures saying that he decided he wanted to walk out is the story I heard, don't know if thats what happened or not, but informing the pilot would have been nice.)

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    I'd like to add one more..


    We should all be prepared for boating emergencies and use caution while operating our vessels.


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