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Thread: Kenai camping / parking

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    Default Kenai camping / parking

    Heading down to Kenai this weekend. I usually go to Kasilof, but decided I'd try the Kenai this time.

    There was a big article in the ADN recently about where you couldn't camp/park at the mouth of the Kenai. Unfortunately, the article was short on information on where you can camp/park.

    Can anybody provide insight or suggestions?


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    On the south side of the mouth people were camping in tents. Parking 15$ and $15 more if you want to put up a tent. Kinda pricey.

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    Default Fees provide very little

    The City of Kenai should be ashamed of themselves for charging $15 for access and $15 to camp when all they provide is 8 over flowing outhouses that are out of T.P. most of the time. You get to camp on a beach with hundreds of your closest friends that ride four-wheelers all night and are two lazy to haul their salmon heads and guts back to the river. So they just leave them above the high tide mark where others will park and camp. In a forest service camp ground in Eagle, AK we got a private spot to park, a picnic table, a fire pit and firewood for $10 per night that included a spot less outhouses that were obviously cleaned frequently.

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    Default That's what I was afraid of...

    and also why I am usually so partial to the Kasilof. Sure, you're tent to tent with each other, but at least the camping and parking are free. It is also a pretty fun atmosphere down there.

    Are there any campgrounds within 10-20 minutes of Kenai mouth? $30 bucks/night on top of the fuel makes for a pretty expensive trip. Might make me reconsider my choice to go after the bigger reds that I've seen in the Kenai and just head on down to the Kasilof.

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    some of the reds we pulled off the kasilof weren't small thats for sure, there was alot more when i dipped in the kas than the ken...11 fish on the kenai in a half hour...40 on the kas in a half hour, but thats all run timing too..we hit it right on the head for the kasilof.
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    Centenial campground in Soldotna is a pretty nice place to stay. I also like swiftwater campground. Good clean places for $15.90 per night. Soldotna does a good job with thier campgrounds.


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