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Thread: Red Sticker on Kenai River Motors

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    Default Red Sticker on Kenai River Motors

    I have been seeing a red sticker on some of the motors on the Kenai, but I haven't got close enough to see what one says. Is this something Fish and Game is putting on the motors? So far have only seen them on Yamahas. Anyone out shed some light on this?

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    Default red sticker

    This is a brain child of State Parks. When they went to 4 stroke only in the dip net fishery and for the month of July, they threw in this red sticker thing in order for Park Rangers to identify 4 stroke engines easier. The Peninsula Clarion had an article a few months back that explains the reasoning behind it. Jack Sinclair at State Parks is the contact person.

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    I talked to State parks and they confirmed that the stickers are to easily identify 4 strokes. I thought is was pretty easy to tell two strokes from four strokes, although I did see a 2 stroke above Bing's landing last week.

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    Default Some 2 strokes are still legal... the E-tec, I think they just want an easy way to determine which motors are legal. I can't use mine, its the older style 2 stroke. See you guys in August!

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    The sticker is stupid as hell.. Its about the size of a quarter and says Less than 50hp 4 stroke... Like you cant tell that by looking at the motor itself?

    Just a rule that serves no purpose for people with some common sense

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    I kinda think now that it's an excuse for them to nose around in your boat...


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