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Thread: Going Fishing to Alaska first time.

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    Default Going Fishing to Alaska first time.

    I'm going fishing to Alaska (Anchorage) first time. Can anyone give me advace on planning my trip:
    1. When I should go?
    2. Where I should go?
    Please help me....

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    a lot of that depends on what you want to fish for, and funds.

    I found that if you get up there just before "season" it is the best of all worlds, costs are relatively low. and there are fish to be had. our first trip up was in early june, the 5th through the 19th. Tourist season starts june 15th, and the prices jumped a bunch then. the 5th through the 14th prices were good. and fishing was good on the Kenai peninsula. that year the reds opener on the russian was the 15th, and kings were going hot and heavy on the kasilof, and in homer for the earlier part of the trip. the next trip up, we came at the last week of may through the first week of june. the king run was just starting while we were there... only caught 4 that trip, but fun anyways. the scenery is always there!

    here is the adfg run chart timing link, so you can figure out what you want to fish for and where, then take it from there...

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    Alex, your question is way too broad. with Alaska being such a fine location to fish and so huge, the sky is limit on how much time and money one could spend there. The price ranges from DIY in an RV to a flyout to a remote lodge where they give you a cigar and a brandy at the end of each day. Spend virtually no extra money other than food and lodging upward to $7000 per week at the latter. There are many many rivers and creeks and a dozen or so saltwater based spots to choose from where one might load up on ling and halibut to fill the freezer. Give the locals on here an idea on:
    1. fish - halibut, ling, yelloweye; sockeye, silver, pink or king salmon; rainbows or dollies.
    2. Do it yourself or guided.
    3. Flyfishing or lures or bait, boat or wading small streams.
    4. remote tent camps, lodge or more urban setting.

    on and on, and I just touched on the basics........

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    Guys, thanks for your replays!
    I’m planning to go in the end of May – beginning of June for about one week.
    I don’t want to spend huge amount of money.
    I want to fish for salmon. [/font][FONT='Verdana','sans-serif']I want to do it myself (not guided).
    Should I rent the car and cabin, or RV would be a better option?
    Thanks again!

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    Default IF

    I were coming at that time for one week - I would keep myself mobile - no cabin - sleep in the car or a tent. I would spend 1/2 or more of my time on the Penninsula...I would rent a 4x4 to get around in.


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