Just my numbers only, using 5 foot hoop with removable extension from shore, sweeping during high currents and else still-netting:

Monday (7/21): 4, and very slow for everyone. Watched the parade of commercial boats headed out at 5:30am.
Tuesday: 5, but better for others because my netting material had serious problems - much better than Monday
Wednesday: 16, more than half of which which were caught in 1 1/2 hrs about low tide, the rest caught patiently, since I replaced the net in my hoop and quit losing most fish.

Others in my party had similar numbers except they did better on Tuesday and less-good on Wednesday. The guy I bought rock salt from later in Anchorage got 3 on Monday at same place.

A number of people stuck in sand, a truck/camper out on the sand looked like needed serious work (entire back end jacked into the air), and a 7 year old on a 300cc ATV T-boned a foreigner tourist's motor home in the parking lot (Dad said "the throttle must have stuck"). Everyone (except the tourist and 7 yr old's dad) happy, helpful and having fun.

Commercial boats came and went on schedule, with a couple each trip making a point of coming within 90 feet of dippers to get them way wet or lose their stuff on shore, which did both happen. Are they mad?

Fish seemed to be two classes; either 2-3 pounds or 8ish. 3 kings caught Tuesday (one very large) and 1 Wednesday, but I'm just one guy, so much more happened of course.

Fish are vacuumed and in the freezer, except what's smokin' tomorrow. Doing kippered this year.