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Thread: Hunting the Matanuska River

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    Question Hunting the Matanuska River

    I recently purchased a 13ft NRS Otter. My buddy has a 16ft cat

    We are thinking of taking our rafts down the Matanuska to moose hunt this year.

    I am pretty green to being on the sticks. I have been in rafts a lot and he has been rowing for a few years but 99% of our rafting has been down the parks streams and the Kenai.

    Wondering what kind of expertise level is needed for doing the Matanuska. We want to put in somewhere below Lions Head as I hear that is for no rookies like us and we want to take out near Kings River area or maybe Chickaloon.

    We want to do this for a 5 day hunt. Stopping and hunting a few areas. We don't know the areas well but we figure we will burn the 5 days and check it out.

    Can anyone on here guide me in the right direction of floating this river and if it is over our heads for the experiance level we have?

    We don't want to do something stupid as I said most of our rafting is the Willow and Montana and we have those down but I am thinking those are easy and they are a different type of water.

    I will throw in before this trip I am doing the Ivishak for Caribou with another friend who has been rowing for quite some time but from what we hear it is easy. We hired Randy at Alaska Gold Rush to run us up 40 miles or so in his airboat and drop us off.

    Thanks in advance for any tips or advice.


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    I would not put in above Gravel Creek as it is mostly of private land bordering the river above that. Don't know what the land status is below but I am sure that some of it on the highway side is private land also. You could call Nova river runners and they could tell you what the river is like to float.

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    Check the land status.

    There is a group that lays claim to the whole of the Matanuska and it is not theirs. They might have some but not all.

    Either way you will want to hide that boat of your from vandals and bring a SAT phone incase you get stranded on that side. Bears like to eat rafts also.
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