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    Alright, finally got a 4whlr. I was at Chicken hunting bou in '91 (11yrs old) and haven't been since...except on the way to Dawson city in '01. I'm all amped up and want to give it a rip. Last year with 900 hunters and a quota of 200 or so, plus everything right by the road and the season closing in 3 days, this year should be interesting. I saw the controversy with a post last week, something about "where can I kill stuff for sure, an' not work for it." I'm all about workin' for it but if anyone wants to PM me or contibute some ideas on the forum that'd be great.

    All I know is hit the trail and drive like a mad dog until you find caribou... I'm sure there are some better strategies short of flying around first and finding the herd.


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    Do a search on recent threads, someone mentioned that parking at Chicken will be more restricted now, so you may want to read that thread.

    Good luck.

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    Default Nice!

    Thanks! That did it, lots of good stuff. A post mentioned it being an ATV stergis event...whew

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    Quote Originally Posted by EBobo View Post
    Thanks! That did it, lots of good stuff. A post mentioned it being an ATV stergis event...whew
    You have no idea....

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    Depending on where the caribou are going to be when they update the hotline, I'm going to try and make it up that way and give it a shot.

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    maybe the caribou will hang away from the highway and Chicken ridge so the season will be open for few extra days.
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    Default Location, Location

    I hunted Chicken ridge in 2003 and after 6 days of hunting the season was still open and the 3 of us had 1 caribou.

    It all depends on where the caribou are. Maybe you won't find it as easy as you think. Everyone (when we were there) was lamenting that the hunting wasn't like 2002. You never know with caribou.

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    As the ELDERS say "No one knows the way of the Wind or the Caribou". With all the pressure lately, I would not be a bit surprised if the Caribou stayed away from the highway this year.
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