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Thread: Anyone been to Redshirt Lake lately?

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    Default Anyone been to Redshirt Lake lately?

    I'm heading there this weekend and was wondering if anyone's been out there lately and if the pike fishing has been any good? Does anyone know of any good places to fish there? What's the 3 mile hike in like? Any other info about the lake would be appreciated. We will be staying at one of the cabins. Not sure which one yet... Thanks

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    With this new cool weather the lake temps have dropped considerably you shouldn't have any problem catching some pike. I'd try the north end of the lake. Look for the weed beds and stumps or beaver dams or other structure in the water. If you go here soon, you might bring a little herring this dramatic of temp change in the water might have turned them off to artificials. The lake I live on here was 70F a few weeks ago and is now down to 60. just my .02 cents.
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