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Thread: Klutina Report

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    Question Klutina Report

    Has that slug of fish come through yet? Any reports from the last few days out there? Only one week left for kings (sniff...sniff).

    Thanks all

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    Exclamation Reds and other points of intrest

    The Reds are really slow the big slug that was projected has not shown. Who knows where they went. I heard folks talking about gill nets in the Copper River. I was there for 5 days and had to put in a full day each day to get a limit. Hooked up 2 Buses (large kings) got broke off before I could let the handle go on the fly reel. I also saw some amazing things by some of the guide services. They where putting there guides on King holes the night before, bogarting holes for there clients for the next day. I thought it was alot of crap. What is fishing comming to and peolpe wonder why the numbers are getting lower and lower. Also saw a large black bear and heard another was shot.


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    Default Thanks Ron

    Thanks for the update Ron. Hey, do you know where the bear was shot? I heard some BIG crashes in the woods behind me last week (where there are no people trails). On a funnier note, after hearing those BIG sounds way back in the woods, a little rabbit jumps out of the brush at my feet and scares the pudding out of Maybe something had been chasing him just moments earlier??

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    Default Bear

    From what I heard the bear was shot above the Princess.


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