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Thread: Chena Dead?

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    Unhappy Chena Dead?

    Ok, went to Chena River last evening (near the dam), steady rain but water was relatively clear. No fish caught (using roe) and no fished rolled! Few other folks there stated the same for them too. Nada!!! Is this run dead already? Anyone fish the mouth in the last couple of days or have another report?

    On another note....Looking at the dam (or should I say "****?") counts for chums and kings, there have been virtually no counts in the last few days due to poor water clarity?? Counts have gone from triple digits (within less than a week ago) to single digits the last few days. Ok, whos' counting?? It looked ok (clear enough) to me last night, even with the rain, and through my Swisher Sweet smoke!.

    Finally counters..., when looking DOWN at a salmon passing the dam, how can you distinguish between a King and a Chum from that distance?? Besides a major size difference, or seeing the "tiger stripes" on the side, if similar length fish go by, how do you tell from looking at the top from 30 feet away?


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    Default Chena Dam

    When I was out there Tuesday night, I talked to one the guy who is staying in the camper on top there and he said that the fish normally pass on the left side as you are looking upriver from the dam. They place that white tarp on the bottom so they can make the fish more visible and I couldn't even see the white tarp because it was so blown out, which is probably why fishing is so slow. Here is a link on the current conditions and a prediction of the water level.,1,1,1,1,1,1,1

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    i fished out there every day this week from about 1030 at night to about 2 or 3 in the morning of the bank. i know one of the park rangers who told me one or two people have caught fish out there lately. some one did yesterday with a pink wiggle wart. i caught a king about 25 or 30 inches monday around midnight on a wiggle wart theat looked like a orange-ish cooked crawdad. they were jumping like crazy and the river was low. tuesday it rained and the river has been about 2 or 3 feet higher since then. i havent seen but maybe 2 jump since then.


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