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    Do you have to have a licensed transporter take you across the bay from hommer to go hunting or can you use any of the water taxis ? If I am reading the regs right as long as the go there as part of the bussiness and are not providing other services in the field for you it's ok. Let me know what you think planing a spring bear hunt for next year

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    Default yep

    You are correct. If its going that way already, you are pretty well in the clear. It when the trip is specifically to transport you the hunter. There are about 100 other caviats to that but that and good judgement will get you by.

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    You might PM HomerDave. He has the most info in getting back and forth across Kachemak Bay as he has one of the Water Taxi's here and he has his transporter lic. I am pretty sure.
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    Default no scheduled trips

    since all the water taxis here operate on a "when you want, where you want" schedule, we are all essentially mini-charters.
    if you were to take the tustemena to seldovia that would fall under the "regularly scheduled" definition.
    so the answer is yes, your taxi must be a licensed transporter to be legal.
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