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    Hello all I am going on a moose hunt in Sept and wondering what the best head net is and still be able to shoot your bow or do you take it off when you shoot?


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    Just buy the cheapo bug nets at REI or any camping store. Less than $5 and you can keep it on even while shooting... Just my 2cents... Goes on right over your hat of choice...

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    Go spend a few extra bucks and get a Shannon Outdoors Bugtamer. I've used the cheapo ones, and some others like the Bugout Outdoorswear headnets, and neither kept the bugs off me completely, and the skeeters can bite through those. The bugtamer is far and away the best in my opinion.

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    What ever one you get just practice with it.

    I use to shoor with one, but I found it more annoying with them little bugger getting inside the net.

    My therma cell is my head net now
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    I have a therma cell but have not used it yet do they work good??


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