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Thread: Berry time?

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    Default Berry time?

    This will be my first year that I attempt to pick salmonberries. I pick blueberries every year, just looking for a change. Any suggestions when and where I should start looking? I heard Whittier has good Salmonberries.

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    Default Salmon berries

    I went hiking in Whittier a couple weeks ago and saw no signs of salmon berries. They usually show up in late July, if my notes are correct. However, all the easy places to pick are usually hit by either the locals or people like me who happen to be there at the right time. The trailhead for Portage Pass is a great place to pick if you're one of the first ones there. If you're willing to bushwhack a little you can find berries no one else is picking.

    I do recommend taking bear spray. It's very dense in the good berry areas.

    If you can get up the road up the hill at the far end of Whittier there's plenty of good berry picking back in the woods there. The road is kind of iffy right now, since they're working on it. I decided against going up there recently because I didn't want to have to change a tire.

    Good luck on the berries.


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