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Thread: Kenai Dipping after commercial opening?

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    Default Kenai Dipping after commercial opening?

    The following quote is from the Alaska Outdoor Journal,

    "Thursday WILL BE a commfish day for Kenai drifters and beach sites. I'd expect F&G to add extra fishing hours, perhaps all the way to Friday 7am before the mandatory 36 hr. closure kicks in."

    I was planning to start dipping out of a boat on the lower Kenai on Friday morning. If the Kenai River driftnetters and are out all day Thursday and Thursday night would it be worthwhile to dip on Friday? How long does it take the fish to regroup and start heading up river? High tide Friday a.m. is around 10:00.

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    Default go for it

    i went out when the beach netters were out and I did very very well. In fact it was better than i expected. Do what i did and give it a try. You might be surprised. When the netters go in on thursday night the fish will reschool at the mouth and wait till the tide moves in. Good luck


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