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    Default Colt Pythons

    I finally got my Python!

    My father had his python stolen from his apartment back in the 1970’s when he was living in Sacramento. To this day he still talks about that gun. Several years back I decided, being as how I am a revolver enthusiast, that I should own one. The first one I ever seriously looked at was at a show in the people’s republic of Portland Oregon. Not wanting to buy the first one I looked at I foolishly walked away thinking I would shop the market here in Anchorage.

    Three years later I was still looking. Granted, I had seen one or two but they were all in LNIB condition, in barrel length and finish combinations that did not appeal to me and all were priced north of my budget. I had to have a six inch blued one in “shooter” condition. Once I thought I had one purchased off the swap and sell forum but that fell through (a shady story). Alas, I had resigned myself to rolling the dice and buying one off a gun broker website. This was my plan and on January 1st I made a New Years resolution to save for and purchase my first python by years end.

    Last night I got tipped off by a fellow I’ve gotten to know who works at a local gun shop here in Anchorage that a gun meeting my criteria and budget had just been put on sale at a local pawn shop. Long story short, she’s old and her bluing is a bit worn but she still locks up tight and now she’s mine!

    Got me to thinking. How many of you out there own a python? What are your thoughts? Was this a good revolver to obsess about? Do you shoot them or just collect them? If you shoot them, are you shooting hand-loads or factory loads? What about the rumors that they are delicate and go out of time easily? How about some pics?

    Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance for any comments or thoughts.
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    Personaly i think the Colt Python is the best revolver ever made. I own a King Cobra and an Anaconda. They are outstanding revolvers and the Python is much better than they are. You truly have a great handgun there!!

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    Default Python

    I've owned several and they are a joy to shoot, with .38 Specials. I shot my second one strictly on a .38 Special diet. The problem with the Python is also what makes them such a fine gun. They were originally derived from the Officer's Match target pistol. They are very finely hand fitted. The problem is when you shoot a steady diet of .357 magnums. Then they do go out of time faster then a S&W or a Ruger. But they feel sooo good to shoot. Most accurate .38 I ever shot, except for an old K-38 Masterpiece S&W I bought cheap that shot incredibly well with wadcutters.

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    For fit, finish and smooth action, none better. The reason I no longer own one, is simply the short cylinder, does not allow for long bullets. I could not close the cylinder on my favorite .357 mag loads. It was four grains under what my Colt single actions could handle with out trouble, with 2400 powder. Like said above, "best with .38 special load".
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