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Thread: School me on Solex carbs

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    Default School me on Solex carbs

    So a friend and I have been patching a boat back together and the only issue I can`t live with is the carbs losing tune. We have done rebuilds and the floats/jets and stuff seem to be ok but the throttle for the idle carb doesn`t return completely all the time and if you shut it down without manually pulling it back to rest it will flood. My question there a best way to start with adjustment? What I have done is start in the rear carb and set idle to the mark given on the factory tach (this is a minimum to keep it running when you drop into gear) and then smooth it out by adjusting the high idle on the same carb and then move to the high idle on the secondary carb to keep it from surging. Keep in mind the secondary carb idle screw has to be somewhere to keep it lit as it will not run on the back one alone.

    Clear as mud??

    Any input would be appreciated...we`d rather not have a repeat of last weekend with flooded intake runners and having to anchor for the night 23 miles out. For the most part it runs decent....but there is room for improvement.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Message sent on the other board. I'd help you out if the boat wasn't out in Wasilla. I've had those engines and carbs apart more times than I can count.


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