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Thread: Clear Creek :thanks fot the help landing first Salmon and taking pics!

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    Default Clear Creek :thanks fot the help landing first Salmon and taking pics!

    I don't know your name but, if I remember correctly you were from Oregon and you were with a "bass boat" that had "Mat- Su" written on the side. You were a huge help finally landing my first salmon and you even took pics for me with your camera...on my memmory card. I finally got my pics back and I was so thrilled to see them, it was almost as exciting as reliving the moment! I finally had something to show everyone back home and I recieved great praise from everyone! I just wanted to thank you (whoever you are) for all of your generous help, if you are ever in my neck of the woods, I am at your service.
    Gratefully, Chris K.

    P.S. I hope you enjoy the salmon eggs.

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    Good pic man! Good job.

    Man fishermen are nice...
    Random guy in Fly shop: "Where did this happen???? In real life or in Alaska?"

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    The guy in question might be Martin Thurber with Mat-su salmon charters. IF the boat was red with yellow letters it was him. He's a darn nice guy and a good guide to boot. Congrats on your first Salmon


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