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Thread: Ship creek Silver derby

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    Exclamation Ship creek Silver derby

    Was down at Ship on Sunday afternoon and overheard a couple regulars saying they heard that the silver derby was back on this year. They were saying it is supposed to start August 4th. One of them said it was posted on the Slamin Salmon Derby's website, but when I tried to look it up all I get is a bunch of text mumbojumbo. Has anyone else heard if this is true, or were they just talking hopefully? Cliffhanger, maybe you could check into this for us all.
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    I know Robert Hayes was trying to get something together. I emailed him but never heard anything back. The derby HQ's told me that they didnt have their sponsor for the silver derby. If you go to the slammin salmon page and give a few, it will load, but I didnt see anything saying anything about the silver derby. If I hear anything I will post what I know.


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    Default Seward Silver Derby

    That's the link to this years derby. It's on, at least according to the city of seward website. Hope that helps and good luck to you all that go! I'm goin and hope to come home with the prize!!!

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    Default I'll call...

    I have Marty Turnbow's cellphone number. I'll give a call about a possible Ship Creek silver derby when I have another cup 'o caffeine....


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