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Thread: Now that's just plain lazy....and awful!

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    Default Now that's just plain lazy....and awful!

    Today in the gun section in the Daily News Miner there is a classified for a wantabe hunter for a finders fee for $500.00 to shoot a legal moose.

    What a joke....I would almost bet that anyone replying to this classified could be fined for illegal guiding services.

    Personally, I couldn't do that for $$$$$. I would rather see the moose walk off in the woods than to be in that man's freezer!

    I even see it on the online paper (Scoll down to guns)
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    Default Backyard

    Write him and tell him that according to Google maps, there is a moose and a cat in his backyard, 2 for 1 special.

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    Lightbulb How is it different

    than paying a trespass fee to hunt bison? He's not asking to be guided...he's asking for a place to shoot (in this case) a moose. All you have to do is find him a moose and collect $500. Sounds like easy money to me.

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    Default easy money no way tasty moose yay

    I would prefer a moose in my freezer Rather than no moose and 500 bucks to pay safeway for beef.

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    Default Easy money

    Here's how you cash in:

    Shoot a moose. Remove all meat, cape if appropriate, and anything else you want from the animal. Write Don S a letter telling him specifically where the remains are located, and let him know he's free to go back there and put another round in it for old time sake. I see nothing in his ad about whether or not the moose is still alive...

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    Default that is illegal guiding....

    plain and simple.
    you find a guy a moose and take money for it it is guiding.
    you call him on the phone and he shows up and shoots it the same day... that is the same violation as using radios to coordinate a hunt.
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    Default looking into it

    The ad does seem to say he is going to pay someone $500 for pointing out a legal moose to shoot. That would seem to be guiding. If it said Will pay $500 land access or tresspass fee if successful hunting bull moose on your property, then I believe it would be legal. Not my cup of tea, but legal.

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    I'd expect more intelligence from you, Dave. How is telling a guy where you saw a moose yesterday guiding? Happens all the time. Guiding, Dave, and for the rest of you is "providing services in the field". Cut and Dry. As long as you do not accompany the guy into the field, you are not guiding. There is no regulation preventing someone from selling "information" Larry Bartlett and Mike Strahan both advertise on this website and sell "information". While they are not specifically providing animal locations, they are selling potential success.
    Hey, maybe all this guy wants is just the location of a good place to hunt and he's willing to pay IF he is successful. Perfectly legal!
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    Quote Originally Posted by martentrapper View Post
    ......How is telling a guy where you saw a moose yesterday guiding? Happens all the time. .....

    .....Hey, maybe all this guy wants is just the location of a good place to hunt and he's willing to pay IF he is successful. Perfectly legal!
    There was a thread on this very forum (the old forum) regarding that very thing. A fellow was leaving Alaska and wanted to sell the location of his sheep hunting area.

    I thought it was tacky to say the least, but a number of those "ethical" sheep hunter types were quick to come to the guys defense.

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    Wink You know I was thinking.....

    I was ready to contact him. I can guarantee him a legal bull moose.
    However, the area that I know best has a walk-in non-motorized rule.
    He would have to pack it 12 miles without trail one way or 30 miles using a trail on the other.

    It would be a bare minimum of 12 days for 1 guy. 6 days for two guys. 4 days for three guys. So he would have to have a big bunch of guys. They wouldn't be happy either.

    I has lots of grizzlies and black bears. So I don't know if he would make it to pay me.

    If he actually listened to my directions and shot a moose bigger than 50 inches, I bet that he would spend 5,000 to come after me.




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