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    Default Thinking About Reloading -

    I know this is probably the generic question but I was just wondering with the cost of ammunition still headed skywards whether reloading is the more economical route now. I shoot .45, .300 winmag, .223/556 for my AR, and rarely 12 gauge. I hardly take the shotty out and ammo for that is pretty cheap anyway.

    But when I shoot for a day I shoot A LOT. I am talking for one outing I will put a few hundred rounds easy of .45, box and a half of .300 win mag, and several hundred rounds of .223. Well I went to AK shooter supply, which seems to be the cheapest for bulk factory ammo, and it was 350 bones for 500 rounds of .45 and .223. I have been keeping my .300 brass and have a couple boxes of 20 saved up already.

    If the money to reload all my ammo is the same as buying factory then I suppose I wont bother. However, if spending a few hours in the garage so that I can have a nice days worth of shooting and even start building up a little cache then I think I will start up a new hobby.

    What do you guys think?

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    BUY BOOKS and Videos on the subject and jump in with both feet.
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    Default Almost everyday..

    I think about reloading almost every day....I must be getting older, when I was younger I used to reload everyday now I just think about often.

    I cannot imagine what life would have been like, with all my guns, without making my own ammo. Since 1966 I have been building ammo for my guns, my dad's guns, my brothers' guns, my friend's guns and their friend's guns and...........well you get the idea.

    Loading equipment is rather expensive now but it is just about the only well made, durable, castiron, all American product you can buy. Worth every penny of it. When people see my reloading bench they often comment; "Boy, you spend a lot of money on reloading equipment." I say "Boy, you sure spend a lot of money on ammunition." Coming with that equipment is a very enjoyable lifetime hobby, it is always more than just saving money or shooting more, it is, in and of itself, a very worth while pursuit.
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    Join the party. I started with a progressive press instead of the usual single stage. I now own a Dillon 650 (progressive) and a redding t7. I shoot lead bullets mostly and easily do it for 1/3 the cost of factory.

    I find it to be an enjoyable hobby. I don't save any money though. As others will tell you, you'll just shoot a lot more!

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    I'm sure I've got something wrong or missed something but this should give you a good idea.

    RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme reloading kit = $275
    dies for .45 = $41 (carbide)
    dies for .223 = 28.49
    1000 ct. brass for .45 = $170
    or use your own if you've saved it
    1000 ct. brass for .223 = $175
    or use your own if you've saved it
    1000 bullets for .45 = $130
    1000 bullets for .223 = $80
    8 pounds of powder = $120-$130 X 2
    1000 primers = $20-$25 X 2

    Total = $1209.50 That's just over $.60 per round.

    The second time you reload all 2000 subtract the kit, dies and brass and it'll cost you $.26 per round. Actually, you probably still have powder left from the first time so make that $.13 per round.

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    Default Few more thoughts

    IF you have an oddball in yer rack, like, oh, say a beautiful old Savage 99 chambered up to .303 Savage, try looking around the retail and even internet sites for a box of ammunition. Handloading is about your only option for some of the oldies-but-goodies.
    Love that .264 Winchester, but hate that you're limited to only what Remchester offers? Pick up yer dies, loading manual, and head to the bench to cook up whatever your heart desires.
    Besides all the other ideas that've been floated through this thread, consider this: Reloading beats hell out of sitting around watching porn and eatin' Cheetos!!!

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    I just ordered the newest ABC's of Reloading and the new 49th Lymar. I think this is something that i would like to get into. The thought of heading to the range and picking up all that pretty polished brass and turning it into more ammo just gives me warm fuzzies. Plus it would be nice to have a little cache like a couple full ammo cans for my various guns. Mostly just so I dont really have to find a store open that has bulk ammo and hell you never really know when you need 1000 rounds lol. I have also been looking at turning my AR15 into a 6.8 SPC. 6.8 is a pretty expensive cartrige which I heard the real only way to save on that is reload it.

    Ill have a couple complete uppers one .223 and the other 6.8. Also tryin to find a Rock Island 1911 because I sold my old 1911 for an M&P 45 but I think everyone should have atleast one 1911 in the arsenal. But I dont feel like blowing a grand on another gun. Yet....

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    Default Cost Calculator

    There are lots of cost calculators of various web sites (both commercially sponsored and made available by private individuals). Here's one that is simple and easy to use I just picked at random.

    Welcome to the club. Wear eye protection, especially when handling primers and don't pinch your fingers in your press.

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    Default RELOADING, you can't go wrong.

    Reloading allows you to load for you spacific gun and allows you to have more flexablity. It is also a great hobby in its own right. some times I go shooting to test out my loads that I worked up. You can save a lot of money if you have older guns that ammo is hard or even impossible to find. Go ahead and get into this great and rewarding hobby.
    Best of luck and enjoy.
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    Default reloading

    Once you get started, you will wonder how you ever made it without reloading. It is a must if you shoot a lot and are always striving for more accuracy from your guns. Get started!

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    well, for the most part, I don't seem to save any money reloading, but I sure get to shoot a lot more for the same amount of money!

    ..and I like to reload...

    about the only thing I do not reload for is my 22LR's and pellet guns..

    these folks here can walk to dog on the reloading process for you and are a wealth of knowledge


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