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Thread: November moose habits

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    Default November moose habits

    I have never hunted moose in November, but was lucky enough to draw a November muzzleloader hunt for bull moose (DM766). Just curious about the moose habits/behavior during this time period. Where do they go to feed? What food is available for them? Do they respond to any calling? Are they in groups? Are bulls still with cows or other bulls? Will they still be up in the mountains or will they be down in the low lands? Would they prefer North face slopes or South face slopes? Are the active during the morning, afternoon, evening?

    Again, I have never pursued moose in November, so any insight/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    They'll still be in groups. Still near rutting grounds, calling will be marginally effective and I wouldnt count on it. Find some good browse (willows, etc) and they wont be far.

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    Thanks for the info. It seems odd that a forum this large only has one person with information about November habits for moose.

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    Default It is cold then

    It just so happens I hang around a large herd of moose every nov.

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    I've seen some pretty serious rutting behavior in Nov. Some moose will be done rutting by then. Most all bulls will be thin, stinky, and tough meat. Antlers on the larger moose often have chips, breaks, and other damage from fighting.
    Don't know where your permit area is, so hard to say where bulls will be. Could still be herded up with cows.
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    I got a buddy who used to fly moose hunters out on the pen. and he said that in Nov./Dec. all you had to do was find some moose, land 300-400 yards away, wait till the next day and go collect your bull. Said they won't move 200 yards in a week if they don't have to.
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