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Thread: deshka depth for prop?

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    Default deshka depth for prop?

    My buddy is trying to get me to put my boat in the deshka. I need about a good 3 or 4 feet of water to make me feel good about it. 4 would be better.

    I dont know Im a little sketched out about putting my prop motor in there. Also if I hit a rock or something Im pretty sure my engine wont kick back. Its got a hydraulic on it.

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    I know guys that have done it. Having said that I would not do it personally. I have run that rout many times with a jet, and I am sure you could probably stay Ok in the main channel, but in the Big Su you can't see a darn thing in the water. The deshka is prop-able for the first 1-2 miles, but jet thereafter depending on the water level. Knock off your prop and say hello to Cook inlet. I wouldn't do it. Deshka sucks anyway.

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    Running a prop in most rivers isn't a matter of if the props going to hit gravel, but when.

    I'm sure there are guys that have run the river enough to know the channels to keep a prop out of the gravel, but those guys have put their time in running jets.

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    Default I used to

    Run a 14' deep V with a 25 HP prop. A couple a spots always gave me concern and I usually hit. I can be done, but plan on tearing up yourm prop! hard on the nerves as well
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    Talking I've Run it a few times

    I had a 16' Harbercraft with a 40hp prop. I kept my motor tilted up a bit so the skag would the brunt of a hit. Late in the year, especially after all the rain we've had, you shouldn't have much problem. Stay on the cut bank side of mid channel. It's only a little over a mile away from the landing. There's a big sand bar at the mouth of the Deska (which I, and several other rookies have hit), so you want to go past the mouth and cut back up on the downstream side of the mouth. From there, you should be good all the way up to the slough. I neverr went past that point.

    If you go, take an extra prop & wrench.

    Don't forget to have fun in between the spinkter pinches ;-)
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    Default run-able

    ran prop for 2 years there! once you learn where the bars are it's no problem.

    never run mid-channnel... stick to the out-side of the turns.

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    Smile haha

    Quote Originally Posted by Marklar View Post
    Deshka sucks anyway.
    Well put......


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