Another Camera Land Announcement

Hello again one and all. I am leaving for Kodiak on Friday and will be back in the store on August 4th. While I am away Neil and Joel will be here to assist you. Please feel free to e-mail either one of them or give them a call. Keep in mind they do not monitor their e-mails 20 hours a day like I do so give them a little bit to respond to your e-mails.

Just to make sure Neil has things to do while I'm away I just received demos of:

Swarovski 8x30 SLC's

Swarovski 10x42 SLC's

Zeiss Conquest 6.5-20x50's with all different Reticles

Leica Ultravid 10x50 BR

Leica Ultravid 12x50 BR

Plus we still have the Vortex Diamondback and Vulture binoculars on special in Coyote Tan Vortex Optics Page

Thanks for all the support. We'll be doing some optics testing in Kodiak so we'll get some review info up upon my return.