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Thread: gas line problem

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    Default gas line problem

    Wanted to see if anyone else has ever had this problem and if so how can I fix it. I have a 9.9 yamaha and a 90hp yamaha on my boat. On my fuel line I had a "T" put on so I could have two fuel lines coming off of it. After the "T" I have the two fuel lines coming out then both also have the prime balls on them and then connect to each motor with the fuel line clips. I keep having problems only one real hot days where my fuel line will not keep fuel in it and my motor keeps stalling out. Every 5 minutes I have to pump the prime ball to keep fuel in it. Like I said this only happens on really hot days. I replaced both fuels lines, prime balls and also both fuel line connector clips. Does anyone have any idea what else may be causing this? My next step is I may replace the actual "T".

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    Default install shutoff valves

    Install in-line fuel rated ball valves (Central Plumbing has them). this will allow you to totally isolate one line when running the other other and should solve your problem. Make sure all hose clamps are tight and barbs are the correct size.......

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    Default primer ball

    I had my primer ball collapse and starve my 225. It was a small light-weight primer ball. Warm weather (sun) would make the problem worse, as the walls of the bulb were weak. I bought a heavier-duty primer. Problem solved.


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