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Thread: Haul road caribou questions

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    Default Haul road caribou questions

    I'm planning a zodiac(11.5' w/15 hp) 'bou hunt in August on the Sag with my rifle( @5 miles out). My questions: are there any info to get river flows to know if the river is too low to navigate. also, how safe is my truck going to be leaving it on the highway for days. And lastly, whats your guys opinion on going solo, I've planned to go with a buddy but he backed out at the end. I'm not new to the outdoors or Alaska and I work on the slope, but I have'nt hunted the haul road. Have everything ready just wanted to get some perspective, thanks

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    Default risky

    The rivers tend to be really low.... I would be really careful with a zodiac. do you have a prop or jet?? lots of guys end up dragging their rafts.... I wouldn't go alone because you'll need an extra set of hands to pull the boat around plus the safety factor running a boat on a cold braided creek by yourself.

    Good luck.


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    I wouldn't do the trip solo, and I'd be worried about being a little underpowered, even with just one person and gear. Can you jump on step with that set up? If you are running a prop, don't waste your time and money. I have run a 14.5' Yukon with a 35 horse jet up the Ivishak a few times and that poor boat has taken a beating, and the bottom of the jet is missing chunks. I've motored it myself a couple of times, but just on quick trips around the Sag in the deep water. It's much easier having a second person to help out when needed.

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    Default Leaving When

    when do you plan on leaving? cause one of the guys going with me can't committ due to funding. but still searching.

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    Don't take a prop. That will just make this hunting trip one of your most expensive ones ever. The river tends to be low. I have been up there many times and seen guys with props ruin there lower unit...
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    Ya that river is really low, I wouldn't take it up there by yourself. You will work yourself to death.
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    Thanks guys for the input. AK(fun times) PM me or call 244 2076 it would be better than going alone. I plan on going aug 8-15 or possibly end of aug first part of sept. Flew over the brooks coming home last night and tops are covered with snow. It's been really cool last 10 days and the sag is higher than i've seen in 5 years. I'm really itching to go but after the input might have to pull the pin on this trip.. thanks again, Rob.


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