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Thread: Canning salmon

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    Default Canning salmon

    OK I am canning salmon for the first time. I am 1/2 way through the pressure cooking of my first batch and I remember I forgot to add Kosher Salt. I realize this fish can't be put on the shelf in the basement and eaten at a later time, but What are my options? How long will it be good at room temp? Or refridgerated in the sealed jars? Should I just freeze it and start over?

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    As long as they all seal good, they should be good for 3-4 months refrigerated.
    doesnt have to be kosher salt either.
    just a 1/4 max. teaspoon salt for every pint.
    get pressure to 10lbs for 90 minutes. then let cool on it's own in cooker.

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    Default You don't have to salt it at all

    You don't have to salt it really, it's just for taste. I would finish canning it and that's it.
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    This doesn't really relate to your question but try adding a tablespoon of Kraft French (salad) Dressing instead of the salt. It has the salt content you need and adds a nice color and taste. It's awesome!
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    Default My recipe doesn't call for salt

    The recipe I have is basically just fill the jar, leave 1 inch headspace, and give it 100 minutes at 10 pounds. When I use salt it tastes too salty straight out of the jar so I have to make salmon salad.

    I'm using the instructions that came with my canner, but I know on they put salt in everything.

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    Thank you for all the replies. I will just set it in the crawl space and be done with it. If nothing else modern medicine has evolved to the point bautulism (sp) is an easy fix...........Hasn't it????? On the flip side I taste tested a few jars that didn't seal properly. I did some with lemon pepper seasoning, and some with Mrs Dash Chipolte seasoning.........Both awesome. I really enjoyed just the plain salmon too. I have never been big on salt. I will probably leave it out of most that I can now.


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