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Thread: Unimak Brown Bear

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    Default Unimak Brown Bear

    DB376 spring resident draw

    If anyone has firsthand (or even secondhand) knowledge of this hunt-I would greatly appreciate ANY information that might be useful. Please feel free to PM info.

    Logistics-Iím assuming Penn Air into Cold Bay then over
    Fish and Game contacts that were helpful

    Iíve scoured the internet, and found only brief descriptions of the hunt on certain guiding sites. There is only one brief mention of someone shooting one in the late eighties on this forumÖI know theyíre big, the weather is rough and that the harvest reports look good, but there just isnít much out there.



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    I talked to a fella who hunted bear there years ago. He said the weather (esp. the wind) was more or less a constant. The access was only on a couple of beaches and once they had shot a bear he talked about literally having several bears at any one time just circling their camp on the beach - guess that means I would be taking one of those electric bear fences. It would be a real bummer to return to camp....and find the tent, etc in"disrepair"!! Apparently also there are plenty (e.g. PLENTY) of bears. I have never hunted the island and no longer put in for it. Good luck.

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    I hunted Unimak in the spring of 2003.... give me a call and will tell you all about it! 907-659-5073 Dave

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    Default Unimak Bear

    From what I have seen, the spring bears on Unimak tend to be around the south and west ends of the island. I only saw 1 bear on the north end last spring and very few tracks. The south and west ends were loaded with bears and tracks on the beaches.
    In the fall, I see the bears more on the northern side of the island and into the middle, but north of the volcano/mountainous areas. There are several productive salmon streams (big silvers) that really draw the bears from the mouth on the north shore to several miles south. The caribou herd tends to hang out on the northern flat area in the fall, providing another food source for the bears.
    Cape Sarichef has an old landing strip, but the hike to the north side is probably close to 10 miles. In the spring, that would be the place to go.
    Call any number in Cold Bay -- there are only like 30 of them! Anyone there is always willing to talk to someone from the "outside" and should know of someone who could help out with logistics.
    Hope this helps. Good luck. I should be down that way in a week or two and might be able to pass some first hand info. PM me in mid-August for info.


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