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Thread: Klutina Report (this past weekend)

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    Unhappy Klutina Report (this past weekend)

    Well, lets first talk about the weather... it was rather windy and cold, with sporadic rain. Ok, now I can handle that. However, with hardly anyone fishing on the banks of the Klutina and Groves campground shores, I figured something was up. I was there Saturday/Sunday and saw only 2 reds caught on Klutina campground side. One dude snagged a King too, in that raging current, and it was fun to watch it spool him I asked the folks coming back from the mouth and most said it was a bit slow as well, though they caught a few here and there with some time put in. The charters did come back with their Kings, but at $225/per, is a bit much to stomach for a 30 lb dark king.

    Anyway.....Overall, very slow...only saw 2 fish even roll. Shoulda kept driving and played with the pinks down in Valdez.. oh well,...still better than going to work!!!! Heard a slug of reds is coming sometime this week, so heck, maybe next weekend it will pick up.

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    Default klutina slow

    I was there last week, and caught 1 red. I saw 3 other reds caught in 3 days. Very slow


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