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    I have recently moved to the Palmer area, and would like to do some trapping and predator calling this fall. I imagine established trappers have most of the local areas taken, so any ideas where to go to trap or hunt predators? Anywhere within an hr or two of Palmer would be ok.

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    I have trapped the local area (Matanuska River drainage behind Palmer and the Palmer Hayflats off the Glenn Highway) since 1994 and you are right, it can be hard to find areas along the road system that are not already being trapped. I am also the President of the Alaska Frontier Trappers Association and we meet in Palmer at the library at 7pm the first Tuesday of each month, October through April. This October our meeting might be in conflict with the general election, as the library is also a polling place. If so, we'll arange to meet elsewhere. Short of trying to tell you places you might check out to see if they are already being trapped, my best advice would be to join the local association and partner up with one of the existing trappers for your first season. You could also pick the brains of the rest of the trappers to see if they have any ideas of where you might trap on your own. While I am headed out of town tomorrow and won't be back until Saturday, normally you can feel free to call me any time before 9pm. Always willing to help new trappers any way I can. My home number is 907-376-6703 and you can leave me a message with your name and number and I'll call you back.


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