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    I am one of those non-resident folks who are coming up next May for a trip with my wife. I am wondering what would be a good fishing option that time of year. I am a below average fly fisherman but love it, and my wife loves fishing. Any thoughts for May?

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    Coming up where? Anchorage area? Kenai Peninsula? Southeast? Fairbanks?

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    Right now we are open. We are flying onto Anchorage and heading the Denali way for a few days otherwise we are pretty open at this point.

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    There is a book titled "Flyfisher's Guide to Alaska" by Scott Haugen. A great book for many reasons, but the 100+ maps and directions are what would be of most benefit to you. Talks about run timing and flies to use, tactics and such. But this is THE book for telling you where to go and how to get there. It is sold on the forum store in the fishing category. Also, "Alaska Fishing" by Gunnar Pederson is a must read. Order them both from the forum store. Also at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. These books will answer all your questions and then some. You will have more options than you know what to do with. Really want to learn about fly fishing Alaska, get "Top Water, Flyfishing Alaska" by Troy Leatherman (or similar name). Great book with tons of insights. It has a chapter on each sport fish in Alaska. To include dolly vardon, rainbows, and grayling. Salmon too of course. The "Alaska Fishing" book is laid out in a similar way. "Flyfisher's Guide to Alaska" is divided up by geographical sections. Like I said, the maps and directions are worth double the price of the book. The timing of your trip will be crucial depending on what kind of fishing you plan to do. The books will make this very clear and leave you well informed. All are on the forum store if I am not mistaken.
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