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    My wife and I are coming to Alaska for our 2nd trip next May. We really enjoy backpacking and we are looking for a nice 2-3 day trip in mid to late may. We are flying into Anchorage and will be renting a car. Right now heading toward Denali but we are open to suggested routes.

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    Not sure if you've been up here in mid to late May? Winter is just releasing it's hold around mid May. At elevation, there will still be a good deal of snow, and in some years, like this year, there will still be a lot. What kind of hike did you have in mind? Strenuous, altitude, etc?

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    I was going to say the very same thing.
    It's still very cool in our area. Snow is just barely melted and breakup would have just barely finished here in Fairbanks area.
    That would mean in Denali, there could still be snow on the roadside and most tourist areas aren't open yet. (Not until Memorial Day).

    Are you looking for simple hikes? There isn't much in the way of 'simple' hikes in Alaska. They will get technical really quick.

    My suggestion, though, is if you are going to be in the area end of May to take a trip down Denali Highway or consider hiking Panorama Peak. There is also a series of mountains between Valdez and Fairbanks called Rainbow Mountains and you could consider as well.

    Send me a PM if you are interested in more possible routes or hikes towards Fairbanks. I am more familiar with those than the routes in Anchorage.


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