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    Default womens backpacks

    looking for any suggestions for a backpack for the wife for upcoming sheep hunt. have tried several with no luck nothing seems to fit right to her small frame.

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    My wife has a Gregory pack, and it fits her small frame (5'0") very well.

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    Default Try them all out.

    My sister and wife both like the Arcteryx Bora line they are both 5'3. Here is a picture of them with the bora 75 and 62:

    But really you just need her to try on as many packs as possible with weight in them. REI is usually pretty good about letting you load up their packs to try them out. That is where I would start. Sometimes you can't go with pack reviews online cause pack fit is a personal thing. What works great for some rides weird or is comfortable for others. Just a thought.

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    My wife is 5'3" and I just went through this with her. took her to REI and had her try on everything. Even when she loved a pack I kept her trying different ones. she fell in love with the Gregory Deva 85. She gets shoulder spasms if the preassure on her shoulders isn't balanced just right and the Gregory was the only one that didn't physically hert her when loaded. There are many great packs and REI like it or not is the best place to go to get a good one. The only place I know where you can walk around with a loaded expedition pack on for an hour and no one looks at you weird.

    Deva 85

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    I concur with the load it up and try it out method.

    When I worked at Dana Design we narrowed frames, made the shoulder pads curve differently so they would, um, stay away from more sensitive areas. The waist belts were the toughest part. They needed to have more "curve" so that they cupped in more at the top vs. a man's straighter waist (not mine, too fat, but other guys).

    We made several sizes, all to match the girls/ladies working at the shop that backpacked. Of course they loved them because we design it around them. Some other women mentioned that the belts either had too much or too little curve, or that the shoulder pads didn't fit. When you add in women that do backcountry skiiing who have thick coats and pants it gets worse, then you don't want a single custom harness, but something that adjusts to different clothing.

    Making women's packs, shoes, pants, shirts, etc. fit is very difficult. This gal, has almost 70 (70!!) sizes to fit all types of women.

    Try before you buy, bring in the clothes that she'll be wearing on the trip.

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    Default womens packs

    thanks for the info guess back to tryin on more packs.

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    Default pack

    I got my girlfriend a deuter air contact for our upcoming chilkoot hike and she used it a coulple times now and and she really likes it. She is 5'3''. Its a womens specific fit pack. I got the smaller cube one for here but might need the the bigger one for the 4 day hike though. I got the one for me too and its very good fitting and comfortable.

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    On thing to keep in mind is that women's specific packs might not be comfortable for some women; my fiance spent about an hour at REI trying on different packs stuffed with weights & pillows, and found that most women's packs were for people with rounder hips than hers. She ended up picking a men's pack. It all depends on the person.
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