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    Well I drove down to the Kenai last night left Elmendorf at 7 and was in the water by 1030, I fished the area rite past Fred Meyers in Soldatna. By 11 I hooked up my first red and landed him, turned out to be 11.2lbs after it was bled and everything. I hooked up two more times after that but couldn't land a fish. Everyone else was hooking up. Lots of fish to be caught.

    came back this morning and once again fish everywhere, I hooked up easily 10 times but I couldn't land a fish on my russain flys. I ended up with once again only 1 today aswell. Turns out I had my drag smoked down and that was the problem. But lets blame the flies ; )

    Out of 4 of us, we ended up with 5 fish. Not many I know, but the bite was steady enough to put a smile on my face after such a bad king season. We left at 2 because I went to net my dads fish and the fish got around me and the hook pulled, and somehow it ended up lodged in my hand. The Soldatna hospital is pretty good at removing hooks.

    My 11.2lb red
    (yes I know im holding it out, it makes it look huge : )

    Same fish, yes I look retarded lol, it was 1 am I was tired.

    Reason we left early:

    But we're all good:

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    Ouch. How did you get that out?

    Nice fish though!! Thanks for the report.

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    Actually it didn't hurt at all. I even drove myself to the emergency room lol.

    The doctor just numbed it, then pulled it out with the needle over the barb.



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