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    I just bought a 1999 20hp Johnson Jet and I and trying to figure out how to flush the cooling system. I bought the adapter to hook up the hose to the motor, but now I cant figure out where it bolts on. Does it even work on this motor? Please advise.

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    If the adapter thing looks like a mouse ears ? it is made for a prop lower unit. You have to put the thing in big trash can, and don,t rev up to much or where some waders cause it will remove all that water in a hurry!!!

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    Default jet flush

    If you bought the adapter that looks like a little short hose with a small threaded adapter on the end, it should screw into a port near your grease fitting on the jet. There should be a screw near the grease fitting that you need to remove in order to install the flush adapter. If your system is clogged pretty bad such as silt, I use a little homemade adapter and flush water backwards thru the outlet tube on the powerhead. Works pretty good. Hope this helps.

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    I agree with Susitina. It is far easier to put it in a lake or a trash can.

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    Mine is between the grease line and the zerk.

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    Default a little help on other areas also

    this is a pretty good source for some outboard jet needs.
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